Man I just

A few little things.

1. Jopes make everything better.
2. Yay for yet another on time comic!
3. Chapter Five is almost over!
4. I gotta start scraping cash together for cons later in the summer. I also gotta start working on some new material for the FanimeCon.
5. My Complete List of Writing Offenses is due for a major update soon. I’ve had a few good conversations about it with people, but I have a lot of data to shift through and consolidate before I can add it to the list. But you’ll love them!
6. Creating replacement band names is fun!
— Squashing Melons = Smashing Pumpkins
— Frequencymind = Radiohead
— O’Bannon = Pinback
— Poorly Illustrated Male = Badly Drawn Boy
— Apes To Astronauts, Fishfingers, and a few others are actually unique names. In one way or another they’re going to play an important part in the story.

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