God what was going

Keep an eye out at Sudden Valley in the next few days as a guest comic of mine will (eventually) appear on the site! Nifty swell!

5 Responses to “God what was going”

  1. Jamie Says:

    nifty well! awesome. can’t wait to get the trade… mine is in the works… and sometime soon my computer will come back to me!

  2. Tom Says:

    Um… hello?

  3. mayor of moose river Says:

    JAMIE: I’m working on your guest comic right now, I’ll send it your way as soon as I’m done!

    TOM: HI! Uhm, read my last most post.

  4. Ace Says:

    I have alot of catching up too do, as i was skimming back to find the comic iwas last on i stoped here.
    keep up the great work, and agen, sorry.

  5. mayor of moose river Says:

    ACE: Well at least you have plenty of buffer to catch up with! (I wish I had that luxury with my work. :P ) And again, don’t worry about it. ;)

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