Nice costume,

OK, so there’s been some real shake-ups with me and school. Long story short, I’ve decided to switch majors from Computer Science to Creative Writing. This is a big deal because I’ve got like two or three classes left in my Computer Science major but I’ve decided to drop the whole thing. I’m just sick of programming. Fortunately I can at least convert my Computer Science major into a minor so I don’t lose all of it. The downside is that I’ll be in school for another two years or so, but at least I’ll be doing something I’ll enjoy. Now I gotta think of places where I can use this degree in Creative Writing. [ponders]

The temporary upside is that, as soon as the dust settles, I’ll be able to get more pages up. Yay.

2 Responses to “Nice costume,”

  1. Tom Says:

    It’s gonna be Easter before we wrap up the Halloween storyline, isn’t it? Just so I know.

  2. mayor of moose river Says:

    TOM: I hope not. I mean technically I’ve spent over a year on this Halloween subplot… you guys can wait a bit longer, can’t you?

    Actually as soon as I clean up one or two loose ends in my current state of life, I’m gonna get back into doing comics on a much more regular basis.

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