Incredible Change-Bots

The Incredible Change-Bots is a Transformers parody/tribute by one of my most favorite comic artists, Jeffrey Brown. I got this over the weekend and have since read it twice. I’m slightly biased in saying that the book is awesome, if only because I’m a huge Transformers and Jeffrey Brown fan. :) If anything, just realize that the book is 144 pages of the page I just posted. (Well, not literally.)

There are two things I want to do after having read Incredible Change-Bots:
1. Photoshop up some fake Incredible Change-Bots toy boxes, a la the old skool Transformers toys.
2. Work on my own parody franchise. Jeffrey Brown already did Transformers, but I can do Pok√©mon! So… coming 2010, it’s Philippe Van Lieu’s Aventure Battlemon! :)

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  1. Tom Says:

    And then you can have delightful “urban vinyl” sculpts (read: blacktion figures) made of all your characters, and REALLY rake in the cash! You could be the next Gary Baseman! Or whoever!

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