Moose River Book One For Sale!

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Buy your copy today! It’s only $10. Not a bad price! Go for it!!!

2 Responses to “Moose River Book One For Sale!”

  1. Sadgirl Says:

    Hmmmmm……you can buy it for $10 or download it for free…..or read if for free here.My concern: How are you gonna make money? Seeing as I already have book one, I’m just gonna wait until you poop out book two until I make a purchase. Oh and BTW, I just lent my copy to a friend and he likes it. I’ll direct him to Lulu when he finishes it.

  2. mayor of moose river Says:

    SADGIRL: You want to buy it because a hard copy can never replace electronic media. Mostly because you can’t erase a book by swiping a magnet over it. :)

    Making money is not an issue. Lulu does everything for me, I just sit back and watch people buy copies. If they buy them. There is no cost out of my own pocket, which isn’t a bad thing.

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