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Archive for August 13th, 2007

99% Done!

Bjournal Post: August 13th, 2007

OK, I think that’ll do it. How do you like everything? Does everything work? I currently only have Safari for Mac OS X to work with, so I’d really appreciate it if any of you IE and Firefox fans can give me a heads up and tell me if something doesn’t look right. Otherwise, a […]

Small Or Large Comics?

Bjournal Post: August 13th, 2007

Unless I can figure out how you can browse through the archives using both the small or large versions of the page, I must ask you this: would you prefer to read new comics using the Large or Small comic versions? The smaller versions load quicker, but the larger versions have more detail. If no […]

Moose River
by Philippe Van Lieu
—Fully Charged - June 27th, 2019—

From the bottom of my heart (and the bottom of this page): thank you very much for reading my comics.

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