Plus his other friend was dumb and

Alright…. slight change in plans, folks. I’ve removed everything after this point in the story and set them aside for the moment. I began to see that the story was starting to get a little TOO concentrated on Navy, so I’m gonna throw in a whole bunch of extra bits to really really thin out her story. (And by thin out, I mean like, the whole Navy-Yukito bit won’t happen until, like, Chapter 7). I’m also gonna go through some of the last few pages and update the dialogue a bit.

I hate the idea of having to do this, but I’ve resigned myself to the idea that it’ll help the story a lot.


If you want, you can read the pages I had removed from after this point. This is the first page of the set of pages that was originally removed, although it and a few pages after it were reworked into the main story. The rest of the removed pages start here.

Sleep. For next comic, I’m gonna switch over to a new scene.

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