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I don’t really

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006


EDIT 20080918: This and the next page is the only time in the story that goes against one of the style rules I set for Moose River. The thing is, Anne, Avery, Shea, Betty and Emo are the five main characters. Everything this story records is recorded because it is what those five people see, hear and experience. If something, on the other hand, doesn’t involve those five people in any way, nor are they around to see it happen, then it is not recorded in the story. This conversation between Brian and Jessica, however, is the only time where something is happening and none of the five main characters are around to experience it. Despite that though I still think it’s kinda necessary for the progression of the story; without it I think you readers would be missing out on an important piece of story. Hmmm!

Brian also called

Monday, September 4th, 2006

BAH! I’ve been having too much fun lately. I gotta cut it down.

OK, here’s comic #99. Today also marks Moose River’s second anniversary! Although this current leg of this has been around for a year (which also started on 9/4). So… 100 pages in one year? That’s not a bad rate. I could afford to do more, though. We’ll see how the next year goes.