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Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

New comic up. Regular updates to ensue (come back Friday for the next one, then Monday again).

AAARGH!!!! OK, some dork on the other end deleted everyone on two Fuitadnet servers, which included my servers. One week later, and it’s finally back up. BARF.

Problem now is that even though the site is back up, my main computer (an Apple eMac) is currently spending some quality time at Club Med. The damn thing decided to crap out on me so it’s being repaired. Fortunately it’ll be for free (long story short, it’s under some kind of extended warrenty), so all I need to do is wait a week to ten days for it to come back. One minor problem though… I have this deep feeling that the entire computer will be deleted by the time it’s back in my hands. I sure the hell hope not, aside from the fact that by iBook came back twice from being repairs without it being deleted, and my gut-feelings have mostly been wrong. But…. still…… Anyways, wit it gone, it’s actually gonna be tough doing other work. I can still update Moose River using another computer (in fact, most of the work IS done on another computer), so there’s no problems there. But other stuff, eh… not so easy.

I’ve got like five comics for you, all of which I’ve been doing in the down time. I’ll start posting them soon. But for now, enjoy this diversion I did for my friend Jen for her web comic, Mystic Revolutions. (That’s supposed to be me and her in the last frame.) Be sure to check back, I think there may be a comic or two you might have missed. Regular updates will resume tomorrow.


sarah (Jul 26, 2006, 3:36):
Great comics.. but, you should less use of the words like shit… yeah you know. !

Timbosister (Jul 12, 2006, 21:29):
oh snap it’s shea.

Timbosister (Jul 12, 2006, 21:28):
wait..who is the bald chick….