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Well, that’s the end of Chapter 2. Took me long enough, no? I’ll try to finish Chapter 3 sooner. (At least in time for Wizard World Chicago this August.) Chapter 3 however will start as soon as possible. I don’t have ant guest comics to share with you this time. :(

This is why today’s comic didn’t appear sooner. It’s just a little thing I helped my Dad with, ripe with insides jokes only my Dad and his friend Bob Bloom are privy to.


Plippy (Apr 26, 2006, 1:29):
OK, now at the P-Tip Productions site (the business end of Moose River) are various mini-comics, ready for you to buy! (I hope some people are interested in owning copies of my comic….) … We’re working on a few other ideas, like tshirts and buttons. But these will be revealed in due time. First I need to create a market to sell stuff to.

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